Eco & Friendly Design

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Sustainable development is at the heart of our lives. It is put forward and prioritized by the various environmental certifications such as LEED and WELL in public and large-scale projects. In our daily lives, many gestures are already well integrated, such as recycling and composting.

My Eco Friendly Design is intended to be an active participation in the planetary efforts which are deployed to reduce our footprint and its catastrophic effects on the environment.

This is about seeing, thinking and acting differently, now!

I am committed to :

  • Take the time to find economical, viable and attractive solutions for my clients
  • Promote conservation, recycling and revitalization
  • Favor companies with good environmental policies and actions
  • Encourage ecological and innovative purchases and materials
  • Favor local suppliers
  • Promote local artists and artisans
  • Encourage and highlight responsible actions… Mine and others!

Photo: Inukshuk – Polar Bear Habitat – Cochrane – Ontario

The Polar Bear Habitat is the largest Research Center in the world dedicated to the study and conservation of Polar Bears. Located on more than 70 acres, in the Subarctic Zone of the Boreal Forest where more than 24 acres are dedicated to the exclusive use of bears. Although all bears should be in their natural habitat, these have been rescued or bred in captivity. Knowledge and research is at the heart of the Polar Bear Habitat’s mission. Threatened with extinction by climate change, the polar bear has become the symbol of this race against time. If you pass by… a visit is a must! Otherwise, I invite you to visit their website and you will be able to see the 3 residents on the Web Cameras. A majestic and magnificent animal, guaranteed love at first sight!