About… Me

I had just turned 50!!! We are in 2018. I am in my car, on my way to this job, I am about to lose… less than a month later. Like every morning, during my one-hour long commute, I am listening to CKOI on the radio. That day, Patrice Bélanger, one of the morning show host, is reading a very moving and touching letter, written to the young boy he once was. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you go find it on the web!

It hit me hard!!! Really hard!!! The desire to write this letter, to the little 4-year-old girl with her two little braids I once was, has not left me since! I wanted to tell this little crafty and creative young artist, that she would be proud of the woman she was going to become.  But the 50-year-old woman was anything but convinced of that! Without paying attention, I had let my flame die out… a little more every day. I had forgotten that creativity was not only at the core of my life but THE CORE OF MY LIFE! Midlife Crisis or better… Midlife Awakening… A little bit of both! I haven’t written this letter yet, but I’m starting it this morning.

Today, March 19, 2019, on this very beautiful sunny morning, I open this new window big and wide, to this new chapter. I am proud of the progress made and have no regrets! That’s what I would say to the little 4-year-old girl with two little braids, who just loved that Saturday morning Arts & Crafts Workshop she once went with her mum.