Recent Projects

AIME IMAGINE DESIGN… It’s Mylène Lehoux, Designer and everything, I’ve always wanted to do!

AIME IMAGINE DESIGN offers cost-effective, responsible and democratic interior design & creative consultation services for single-owner residential and commercial projects. Based on the idea to bring my clients to SEE – THINK and ACT DIFFERENTLY, this project is also intended to be my personal contribution to a collective effort for a healthier planet and happier clients.

AIME IMAGINE DESIGN is certainly not the only company to offer a design service based on the promotion of better eco-responsible behavior, and that is all good, even essential for our future. It’s about educating customers to make better choices and taking the time! The concept of “Slow Design” sums up this increasingly popular approach well.

I am a versatile generalist, who does not sell curtains, wallpapers, or turn-key projects.

I support clients according to their needs towards optimal solutions. REUSE – THROW AWAY LESS – CONSUME BETTER! Resolving dilemmas, finding common ground, facilitating and supporting; this is how I want to LOVE, IMAGINE AND DESIGN!

We know each other, you know someone who knows me, I know someone who knows you… It all starts with a connection, between you and me!

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Come and see some of the projects I have worked on in the past years.

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