Designer – Vignettes Creator – Lover of life – Passionate about everything that makes people happier! I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Université Laval, a little over 25 years ago… I don’t work as an architect! I do Design with an Architectural back-ground. I have designed commercial, restaurant, office and residential spaces for over 25 years. My background unlike everyone else… allows me to see design from a different angle.

I offer a Design & Creation Consultation Service with an approach based on 3 words: LOVE-IMAGINE-DESIGN which can also be summarized by: SEE, THINK and BE DIFFERENT!

A reflection initiated by the idea that before thinking about redoing everything, following fashions, we must first look at our environment, see what surrounds us, what is still useful and how we really live. An approach that is intended to be an added value, which is possible by developping better reflexes in terms of sustainable development. REUSE – THROW AWAY LESS – CONSUME BETTER!

Far from wanting to affix an eco-responsible seal, I aim to raise awareness, by encouraging the customer to take the time to think, by accompanying him in decision-making and by proposing solutions that are durable, economical and innovative!

Empowered customers, Smart design for a Better planet!


  • Consultations: Remotely – By phone – By email or Text message – Video calls
  • Optimized on-site visits
  • Analysis of your Needs and Evaluating the scope of the mandate


  • Unique, personalized and sustainable concepts
  • Inspiration and reference boards
  • Virtual shopping – Purchase recommendations
  • Design Layouts
  • Specifications – Paint Colors, Matérials, etc…
  • Lighting specifications
  • Design of custom made and upcycled furniture
  • Decorative and acoustic murals.
  • Home staging and Re-looking.
  • Design Ideas & Decors – Christmas – Weddings – Events


  • Scope of works – Prioritization – Schedule – Expectations
  • Estimating and budgeting
  • Documents for quotes and works (plans and specifications).
  • Coordination and monitoring of work… if needed.

The relationship with my clients is at the core of my practice. I am here to support you in your projects, whether small or large. I will work with you to help you make your home a space that will meet your needs and above all, that will be yours.

You know someone who knows me, I know someone who knows you, a reference, a good word and it will be my pleasure to meet you. Together, we will work to make the best of your spaces and materialize your vision.

Remote Design… A new way of working… An opportunity!

Let’s talk about it!