Les cauchemars se transforment aussi en rêves… 8.11.2020

Flag, 1954-55 Jasper Johns, MOMA, New York

Samedi le 8 Novembre 2020 à 11:24am CNN annonçait la PROJECTION pour Joe Biden President Élu. Je me suis demandé comment je pouvais immortaliser cet incroyable moment de soulagement, d’admiration et de joie profonde. En écrivant ce message à cet homme qui a laissé une trace importante dans ma vie, j’ai eu envie de vous partager cette rencontre unique .

My Very Dear Enoch

I hope this message finds you and finds you well.

It’s been so long; I am wondering if you will remember me.

We met through Paty and with Annie in 2007 as we were visiting New York for a week.  

You have met so many people through your long and full life, that you might not even remember me… but I certainly remember you.

Since they announced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our new President and Vice-President, I couldn’t help thinking about that morning 12 years ago, when I called you to share that Historic and Amazing Moment when Barack Obama was elected as our President. I know, I’m Canadian… 

I also remember very clearly how, very soon after Obama’s Victory, you had told me that you noticed very visible signs of racism that you had not experienced in years… 

I think about that, every time I see those horrible acts of violence and racism we have been witnessing. I think about that, every time I hear people wonder where that came from.

I didn’t think I would ever feel the Joy I felt that night, 12 years ago, when Obama delivered his acceptance speech in Grant Park.

After waiting for four years… and then after waiting for the last 4 days… It happened again!  

Yesterday was just amazing!

I can’t describe how proud, excited and deeply moved I was to see all those spontaneous, joyful and peaceful celebrations in the streets all over your country.

12 years ago, I was living alone, single. My friends and family were not as excited and interested as I was to see the Path being traced for the First Black President in the history of the USA.

This time, I was not alone. I had our whole country with me, my family, my closest friend and most importantly the wonderful, kind and brilliant man I said yes to, just a bit more than a year ago.  My Barry.

Sharing belief and values, Being Together and Hoping for a Better Future is what carried us where we are today.

I hope you will remember me, because you might feel puzzled, not knowing, who is writing you all this

You made such an impression in my life.  I will never forget you.  A wonderful and wise man who went to Vietnam as a US Marine, who came to Canada to heal himself from an insane war, who lived a creative life as an artist and architect. A man, life would not have put on my path, if I had not decided to take a chance and do something different.

As I write this letter, I have just added your book From Harlem to Viet Nam and Back to my Kobo App and will be starting to read it today.

Life is strange sometimes.

I met you on a trip I was not supposed to be.

At a moment in my life when I was about to take a big leap into the unknown.

Because I decided to come out of my comfort zone, I spent the most memorable week with three wonderful artists, Paty, Annie and You.  

Hope you continue to have a long, fulfilled and creative life

Hope, Love and Health for you and all your loved ones


Montréal – NewYork en autobus…

Parce qu’ils se sont levés et parce qu’ils ont cru qu’ils pouvaient faire la Différence…

Pour Joe BIDEN & Kamala HARRIS !!!

Pour Enoch et tous ceux qui ont marqué ma vie !


  1. Très touchant! C’est un moment historique qui fera du bien pour tout le monde! Non, pas il fera depuis hier…..il fait du bien! Nous nous couchés plus heureux ❤️Merci Mylene!😘