Drawing in the sand…

It takes a beach, ideally flat and deserted! This was what we found in Ogunquit, Maine, on a beautiful end of the fall weekend. It was in 2013! Quite the year! I have always loved the beach. I’ve always dreamed of walking on the beach, bundled up with the man I love… It finally happened that year!

I first visited the Ogunquit Fest Fall Festival in 2012, with my aunt Jacynthe. At the end of October, the beach chairs, the umbrellas and the many beach lovers are gone and the little beach birds (Piping Plovers) are finally getting their beach back. Of the big crowds of beach goers, only a few brave ones remain… The ones who dare to venture between two high tides, who will have the pleasure of discovering a magical place and enjoy scenes that they could not have imagined.

Inspired by the exceptional and unique work of Andres Amador, grand master of “Land Art”; armed with my retractable rake, we (Barry & I), the moment of a weekend, opened an unsuspected and unexpected door.

Swirls, arabesques, circles and some other lines… Without too much thinking, we created a space that the curious people around us, would no longer dared to cross; so intrigued by our game. Although surrounded by people, for a moment, it felt that we were alone in the world.

At the end of the day, from the balcony of our motel room, we could see children running along our afternoon drawings. A joyful moment, we were so lucky to witness.

Creations and Crafts, have almost always been for me, solitary activities, but that day, on the Ogunquit Beach, it was a beautiful and shared experience.

It was 2013, a year that had started very badly and change for the Best! I think that life is also like a drawing in the sand. The tide will go down and up, to make way for a whole new picture!


Don’t be intimidated by this artist’s larger than life, works. Rest assured, our work was far from the level of his amazing creations. The end result had very little importance, but this immense happiness, which time will never erase!

I invite you to find yourself a retractable rake (in all good hardware stores), a beach and start drawing in the sand.