Wrtiting Words…

Have you ever noticed, on the shelves of Home Decor Stores, letters sold by the piece. It’s a little weird, but for more than 20 years I’ve been collecting letters. Sometimes with an idea in mind, but also without reason. Just because the letter is pretty. Over the years, they’ve been on a wall, gathered around a word, and returned to a box. When we moved, I wondered if it wasn’t time to part with it… Fortunately, I didn’t!

Last year, I decided to make this wreath with Manilla Rope. It made a very pretty wreath, but also a very beautiful O! I went back to my storage bins and found these letters that had remained without words… too long!

After having rolled up a lot of rope, really a lot of rope, under the supervision of Henri the cat and the help of my Barry, we installed the wall. I suggest that you do the assembly on a large sheet of craft paper by drawing around the letters to allow you to locate the precise place for the nail. There is probably more than one hole behind the letters, it’s kind of my trademark. It is important to find the perfect spot!

What about you… What word would you like to write? What inspires you?

I invite you to share your ideas, your words of inspiration… and the next time you find a J or an M, go for it!

Be creative and have fun!