Collages for a Quarantine

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, I think of the beginning of My Quarantine (Quarantaine in french) or my 40’s… almost 12 years ago. I had decided to celebrate it in style, by organizing a reception at Bernard Séguin Poirier, émailleur sur cuivre Arist’s Studio.

During my Birthday Dinner which was held in the Art Gallery, the artist created this work of art, in enamel on copper, which he then baked in front of us, before the we left. I was surrounded by my family and closest friends.

For the occasion, I asked my guests to create my own birthday card.

In the invitation, they had received, were 10 samples of Sico paint (the same as My Pandemic Rainbow), scissors, a tube of glue and a white cardboard folded in 2. I asked them to make a collage, without using using pens or pencils. Many really took my instructions literally! Several cards came back with no text inside! Fortunately, I was able to identify most of the artists… but, still to this day, there are still some cards, which remains anonymous!

There was the torn paper…

The Impressionnist Landscape

Cards that defy the rules but tell a great story…

Nathalie & André’s Mosaics of who had cheated by writing a text behind well-hidden shutters 🙂

The pretty cards in pastel colors…

Flowers, Hearts, My Aunt, Friends and Artists…

The Best Friends For Ever…

The Intriguing Collage

Or maybe it goes like this!!! : )

The Color Exploding Landscape

The 3D card Pottery artist

Milou’s DNA ( My DNA ) !

The Sailing Premonition

The dream… in colors of the sea, cedar and chartreuse

My Abstract Coup de coeur !

And of course… My Dad and First Captain’s card

For Mother’s Day, last week, Google was offering a DIY card activity. Why not have fun using your leftover cardboard, paper, magazines and even your photos…

The result might surprise you, but above all, the activity will charm you, calm you down and amuse you… with or without children!

This afternoon, it’s raining and I haven’t slept enough… but while writing this text and having fun finding photos, I had a wonderful time, surrounded by my friends and my family…