Cutting into Color – Drawing with Scissors

If returning to Confinement is starting to weigh on you, that you have finished your cleaning, twice rather than once… It’s time to take out your scissors and try something new! You don’t like to draw or you find that your drawings would scare Picasso, here’s a fun project to do with your family or on just your own. You want to make your own cards, loneliness weighs on you or you want to get out of your comfort zone, this creative activity, you will want to repeat!

It was on a beautiful Saturday in October that I had the pleasure of participating in a decoupage workshop offered by Zoom, live from London, by France Stanfield of the London Drawing Group. The activity is inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, great artist of the colors and magician of the scissors!

The workshops are easy and very well presented. No experience is needed. Don’t worry if some exercises don’t seem so successful, the goal is to experiment and have a good time. A ”Playlist” inspired by the work of Matisse and his time, was also available for those who wanted to cut… to the sound of music.

In the workshop, you will be taught to look at a shape and reproduce it, by cutting without looking at your scissors, keeping the colored cardboard at eye level. No pencils, no drawings or tracing. Just scissors and color. Here, it was about reproducing tree leaves. We are encouraged to create contrasts, play and move around the created shapes, save them and don’t forget the use the paper scraps. A small cork tile and here’s is my new Creative Pin Board. Like Matisse!

A few pieces by Matisse…

For now or for later, several creative online activities, live from London are available.


Here are some examples of their workshops available Online, Live or Recorded.

Big Big Coup de Coeur for this Workshop!


Monday December 21st 2020 13h30-15h00

For all the children who used to do crafts and forgot how it was important for them…

Me and my mum

Scissors, paper and glue!!!

Happiness !!!

A magnificent and colorful artwork by Magali & Mimi. Congratulations to the artists!!!