Frozen Bubbles… Chilling at -27 degrés Celcius… Take 2

They had announced -21. Friday morning it went down to -27 degrees Celsius. An early-morning frozen bubbles project, which I had almost given up on. I could not miss out on these conditions, which we all hope, wouldn’t come back too often! I was also the next day, when the mercury went down to -31… Seriously -31!!! Make sure to come back next Tuesday, in my third and last article dedicated to Frozen Bubbles. They don’t serve any purpose or have much use other than being simply amazing! It sure helped me, go through this Siberian January!

The photos, videos and screenshots in this article were taken with my iPhone 12Pro. Thanks to Barry, my brilliant and always curious Husband, who showed me how to use the 4K-60FPS settings. The videos presented in the previous article were made (without knowing it) in HD-30.. The difference is remarkable.

If you want to take pictures, do it on Video. Unless you’re super equipped with a camera, have an assistant who isn’t getting cold, because it’s going way too fast and because it’s too cold outside to take your mittens off; I recommend you let your video roll while you have fun blowing bubbles. The photos were made by screenshots, from the video.

So it takes… Cold weather, a camera or smart phone, a tripod, homemade bubble solution (Recipe), a bottle, sunshine and a beautiful day with… No wind!

Bubbles of Fun!

4 Bubbles for Relaxation…

Can create a serious addiction… but a very healthy one!

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