Vacation Decorating… Aime, Imagine, Design at Gisela’s Cottage – Part 2

If you saw my last Halloween Blog Article, a few weeks ago, you already know that during our last stay at Gisela’s Cottage in the Seaside Community of Kingsburg in Nova Scotia, I created table decorations with objects and tableware, found in our rental cottage.

With napkins I brought, two plastic plates and a pumpkin…here are some Vignettes, I hope will inspire you.

Hope you take pleasure in taking your treasures and family heirlooms, out of your cupboards and in creating instant decors, that will bring joy and memories into your home.

The decor was my inspiration. My favorite room in the house!

All the credit goes to the owners (Rob & Kim Meyer) of this lovely and beautifully restored home.

Fall & Antique Decor
Fall & Antique Settings Decors

A look back to the fall decor. Mix and Match. Think outside of the box!. Plastic with Porcelain. Antiques with your best IKEA finds!

Falll & Antique Decor
Fall & Antique Settings Decors

A Brownie Kodak, old bottles, a sextant, an outdoor lantern (brought inside just in time to escape Fiona) and some pebbles…

Nautical & Antique Decor
Nautical & Antique Settings Decors
Nautical & Antique Decor
Nautical & Antique Settings Decors

Nautical napkins with IKEA color napkins.

Nautical & Antique Decor
Nautical & Antique Settings Decors
Nova Scotia Tartan Paper Napkins
Nova Scotia Tartan

Nova Scotian Tartan Paper Napkins from our Nova Scotia Honeymoon in 2019.

In 1963, Nova Scotia was the first province to have its tartan. Designed by Mrs. Bessie Murray, the tartan was registered with the Court of Lord Lyon (Heraldic Authority of Scotland) on March 7, 1956. It features blue, reminiscent of sea and sky; the dark green and light green, colors of the evergreen and deciduous trees characteristic of this province; the white of the rocks and crashing waves of the coastline; gold, which symbolizes the province’s Royal Charter; and red, a reminder of the rampant lion which appears on its coat of arms.

Harvest & Antique Decor
Harvest & Antique Settings Decors

Cabbage and Harvest Motifs Napkins, bought 10 years ago in Chatham Cape Cod (from my personal collection!)

…and just before leaving… one last Vignette… a Wood Bowl and some Pebbles…

Au revoir Gisela…