Advent Calendar 2022 – and on the 7th Day… The Artist rested… from all the work she had done!

I knew my project was ambitious. As I had expected, ideas started coming from everywhere. I will not run out of topics. But today, I needed to rest.

The rain, the wind and all the other tasks got the better of me… for today! I’m not the only one who needed a break on the 7th day… so I took the day for a Creative Project, of a completely different kind, that began in April 2020. A major transformation, that I am so happy I took on, more than 2 ½ years ago.

I had my first gray hair just before I turn 30. After watching my mother color her hair for decades, after swearing never to become a slave to hair color, I dyed my hair for over twenty years.

So today, I wanted to present myself ‘’Au Naturel”, without makeup, without hair color and with my new curls!

I had fun transforming my image, just for fun and because color will always be important!


Boho Style Me…

And Me as Me!

And tomorrow… it’s back to my calendar!