Lobster Trap

Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 20 – Unbuilding… a Lobster Trap!

After finding pieces of a Lobster Trap washed up on a beach in Nova Scotia last June, I was determined when we returned in October, to bring back at least one lobster cage!

I searched for a few days, before finding myself, in front of a gigantic pile of cages, at the Lunenburg Chandlery. I had left with the idea of ​​bringing back some… but I quickly realized, that they were much bigger than I thought. I had to bring myself to take back only one and had to use my organization skills (passed on by my father), to make space, for all my maritime treasures, I was going to bring back!

Today, I ”debone” the cage (trap)! Tomorrow, I begin 1 of 3 projects with the reclaimed parts…

Juin 2022
Octobre 2022
Décembre 2022

Et voilà!

All the pieces are ready for Project 1 of 3, which will complete my Creative Advent Calendar 2022.

Any idea, what I’m up to…?

You will see tomorrow…