Dear Covid… You finally caught up with me!

Dear Covid,

I was wondering if I should mark your three year anniversary. I didn’t want to talk about the hard times. I wanted to remember the best ones. Seeing the positive, without forgetting the suffering, the people we lost and everything that has escaped us.

For three years now, I have done everything to avoid you. I wore gloves, put on masks, washed my bananas, stopped visiting my loved ones. I did everything to protect the man I love, often… even more than he wanted me to. We received all our vaccines and followed the recommendations. We stayed at home. We made bread and yes we bought toilet paper, lots of toilet paper.

I can’t help thinking that a Pandemic must be a little harder on hypochondriacs! You took this opportunity to insinuate yourself into my head and you amplified all my fears. You stole my father’s last years, but in the end, we didn’t let you win.

With time, we ended up lowering our masks. We even started to travel again. But you too, wanted to see the world. Somewhere on the plane, around the buffet… we don’t know where… You were waiting for us!

I wanted to See the Positive… and it showed up on my test !

After three years, you snuck up on us. Fortunately, your viral load and/or our 6th vaccine shot… spared us the complications.

By the time I finished writing these words, about a week later, we were negative again ! And that’s how I chose, to ”celebrate” your three year anniversary !

I think of all those… who took care of others…

I think of all those… who have suffered and who are still suffering…

I think of all those… who did not have our chance…

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