My Father’s Boat has docked at Malcolm’s Pier

My Dad was born in Saint-Séverin de Beauce. He was a Civil Engineer, passionate about bridge structures, boats, History and lots of other things. He built his first scale model at the age of 18. The Transatlantic Liner, Queen Mary.

Around the 1980’s, he undertook the construction of a replica inspired by Golden Hind, an English Galeon. The ship was originally named Pelican, but was renamed The Golden Hind, for the golden doe in his Patron’S Coat of Arms, Sir Christopher Hatton. It is the figurehead, at the front of the boat.

Sir Francis Drake an English explorer was appointed by Queen Elizabeth 1st. Between 1577 and 1580, under his command, the Golden Hind, circumnavigated the world. Being the second to make this grand, long and perilous voyage, after Magellan.

I don’t know how many years my father took to build his replica, but it took him over a hundred to finish his construction. The boat is made entirely of wood. Each plank was steam bent, cut and nailed and glued… one by one, with my father’s legendary patience and craftsmanship. The details are remarkable. If you look closer, you will notice the wooden gratings, the ropes & pulleys, the different types of wood and so many other fabulous treasures. Back in the days, the wood would have been painted for protection and conservation , but the details in the models would have been lost under the paint. You will also notice on the stern of the ship, the initials ER that stands for Elizabeth Regina, as well one version of the Coat of Arms of the Royal Family which includes the English Lion and the Scottish Unicorn.

My father’s boat spent most of its life in Boucherville and today it will dock at Malcolm’s Pier, this beautiful gentle explorer of mountains, deserts… forests and who knows maybe one day… of the seas…

Keep this boat sailing to new ports where other enthusiasts… will take good care of it.

Fair Winds and Following Seas…

Bateau de mon père…

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