My Father’s Beauce & 13 Beautiful Women and Vachon Descendants

Summer was shaping up to be so busy, with trips back and forth to Nova Scotia and the sale of our house, that I had resigned myself. I would not be able to return to my father’s cherished Beauce, one last time before leaving. In July, I hear through the grapevine that the Vachon Cousins would gather for a lunch at the end of the month. Jacynthe, my father’s little sister, will be there, but I couldn’t find the time to go with her. I had the idea to make the round trip, to surprise her and to give myself this opportunity to be with my Vachon Cousins who are so dear to me.

When the day came, I let Google dictate a path never taken before. It was pure joy to drive along the fields and skies filled with memories. The weather was beautiful, with a few clouds here and there, casting veiled shadows as they played hide-and-seek with the lush rolling hills.

My father was there with me, right next to my heart. I was at peace and happy to have chosen to live this moment.

I was going to meet the Vachon cousins at the Maison Koru in Saint-Séverin-de-Beauce. A charming little bistro run by Isabelle and Cameron, who chose and renovated this lovely house to make it such a welcoming place. Oh… I didn’t tell you. This house was also once the home of my great-grandfather Vachon.

There is so much to say, but I can tell you that there is also a connection between Isabelle (the co-owner), my grandmother, and a Mr. Lessard who sold butter in the village and who enjoyed competing for growing… the most beautiful tomatoes.

I learned about this story, by pure coincidence and with the help of Facebook… several years ago from Marco, the partner of my friend Sophie sister’s… who is, as you might have guessed… a Lessard! From St-Bruno to La Beauce… It’s all connected!

Cameron, Isabelle’s partner in life and in business, came from New Zealand and chose Saint-Séverin-de-Beauce, to settle down and pursue his passions. He is the Chef, a musician and he builds boats in the barn at the back of the house. That would be.. .Grandpa Vachon’s barn.

As if that wasn’t enough… we learned that he built the wood boat for the tv show “La Vraie Nature”! Yes, “La Vraie Nature”!

There is so much to say about this absolutely magical day… but I’m running out of time. I hope that these few lines will keep these precious memories alive. But let’s return to the Vachon Cousins…

I came in… surprising Jacynthe, who wasn’t expecting to see me there. A moment she won’t forget! I thought I would be the surprise of the day. And then, Angéline, my father’s 96 years old aunt came in, with two of her daughters and her biggest smile.

We were supposed to be 8, 9, then 10, and finally 13. 13 Vachon Descendants, who have a lot to talk about! I now know where this lovely quality of mine… comes from! haha 🙂

Isabelle and Cameron were welcoming, patient and simply extraordinary. After a few attempts to take our orders, between beautiful stories and bursts of laughter, they offered to serve all the delicious dishes, in the center of the table. After the meal, they invited us to have dessert in the living room and entertained us with a short guitar performance with Suzanne singing a few old songs. A moment of absolute perfection!

Here are a few pictures of a wonderful day !

There was… Angéline, Jocelyne, Suzanne, Johanne, Lyne, Nicole, Francine, Julie, Carole, Maryse, Huguette, Jacynthe and there was me!

Our beautiful Angéline

The Barn of my Great Grandfather Vachon and now of Cameron

As if that wasn’t enough, I had the pleasure of visiting some of the land where the Lehoux family was established and where my Dad was born. A huge thank you to Nicole for taking me on this beautiful visit!

The Barn of my Great Grandfather Lehoux Now of Marcel, Nicole & Émilie

My Great Grandfather Lehoux’s House in the Village

and ”Mononcle” Paul‘s Cottage

After this lunch that lasted, as you can imagine, several hours, and this little Lehoux’s pilgrimage, I had to make a stop at Uncle Paul’s Cottage. With his daughters and two sons-in-law, we shared one last moment and a drink to all those who are no longer with us. A real pleasure to revisit this dear place from my childhood, filled with love and memories. There was a big steep road, hills with wild berries, a lake with a small waterfall, and a swimming pool with a view… of cows! Pure bliss and happiness!

As I had decided to spend the night in Quebec… the next day, I visited Ange-Aimée, my father’s aunt, who was like a sister to him and an aunt to us. Another beautiful moment of sharing, filled with memories and lots of love.

One final stop to say goodbye to my Quebec… that I will always keep in my heart!

I dedicate this article to my father who passed away a year ago today.

Nothing is more alive… than a memory!

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