The 2020 Color of the Year by Benjamin Moore – First Light 2102-70

And if we could see life through Pink Glasses… Since the end of summer, tender roses have been on my mind… Here and there, a throw, a cushion, a scarf… A few weeks ago, I dared! A pink throw that I loved at first sight and stole my heart at first touch. I gave it a shot and presented my new proposal to my darling. After a surprised first reaction, he remained open to the idea to bring pink to our bed. Sadly, I had to come to the conclusion that the throw didn’t fit in our colors… and it was me who took the difficult decision to return it… I ended up giving it to my niece Alex, who is also Pink very attracted.

So I thought I’d share how I got to have my pink accent by integrating soft pink pillowcases, peonies flowers from our wedding decor and ”Barnacles” corals. No need to take out a mortgage to make small changes or to embrace a new color. I recommend that you go one object or color at a time and above all… Have lots of fun!

Some ideas to see La vie en rose!

Little search tip for IKEA! You can enter a color in the search window and you will get all the items available in that color!

I wanted to outline the work of my friend Patrice Lacoste who painted our beautiful Zoé and Henri (who does not appear in the photo) on the other side of the bed.

Patrice Lacoste has been my friend since Architecture School almost thirty years ago. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and so talented. If you want a work for your home, write to me by email and I will put you in touch.