Old Wood, Ropes and Friends…

You may remember our friend Tony and Mollie’s birds… I met Tony, Roberte and Michel during my first visit to Kapuskasing, six years ago now. I enjoyed every visit to the Lac Remi’s Cottage. Discovering the objects, the old shed and so many other memories of a life I had never known.

Tony had said that if he could, he would have walked to be with us at our wedding. He died a few months before the end of winter. We went back there this spring, just before our wedding, to bring Tony to his final resting place, near this peaceful wooded area of the cemetery.

That weekend, we got to spend a few hours with Michel and Dany, for the Spring opening. While I was exploring around and loving the wear of time on the wood and the old, but so charming shed, I saw a few pieces of wood that caught my attention. I thought they could be ideal for our wedding decor.

A great way to have Tony and his whole family at our wedding. This is the little story behind these few pieces of wood.

Pieces of wood carefully chosen and cut according to need. In the workshop, letters bought (because I ran out of time), painted and glued. I could also have used letters collected here and there or even made them myself, with scraps or drift wood… Possibilities are endless. Time not so much!

A natural patina, nothing to do, just clean and let dry before assembling.

Small plate made by me, for almost nothing, with a beautiful story and full of love!

For a wedding, for your home, for your winter decorations or just because it’s fun to make, here are some ideas to keep you busy for the colder days and inspire you to create more!