An Eco & Friendly Home Staging… With a Great Outcome!

There are projects like that… Everything goes as plan and more, clients take the time to do things well, trust is mutual and the pleasure of working together is there. I wanted to share this experience with you, which was not only a success, but a framework for future projects. It all started almost 10 months ago…

To succeed in a project, it takes a team. It all starts with Johanne and Jean-Marc, two exceptional clients and a house Jean-Marc is about to put on the market. I must say that the house was already in immaculate condition. Maintenance and renovations carried out over the years, were done with great attention and care. Permanent metal roof, new front door, magnificent kitchen and more. My job was easy. Just make the house look even better and even more appealing.

They chose a trusted real estate agent, Danielle Desjardins, Courtier Immobilier – Royal Lepage, with whom they had worked previously and developped a great relationship. They listened to her recommendations and she also heard and understood their needs.

The fourth partner of this successful team is certainly HAUS VALET, who took and produced the magnificent photographs and the 360 visit.


The ”before” photos were taken by Mylène Lehoux (me!) and all the other photos by HAUS VALET in collaboration with Danielle Desjardins and Royal Lepage.

The planning and the overall project took several months, but when the house was ready for sale, it only took 9 days to complete the sale!

Think about it! Take the time to do things right, clean, prepare and make the sale in a few days… or do nothing to plan, prepare and live for months with a house for sale, visitors and all the stress that comes with it… .

We often hear in real estate that the three most important factors are: Location – Location – Location… I can assure you that the three most important words in the success of a project are: Planning – Planning – Planning!

1- Project planning

Make a list of the works you think are needed and evaluate the relevance, the costs and prioritize the interventions according to the budget.

  • Declutter
  • Depersonalize
  • Repair, Refresh, Repaint if required
  • Make rooms light and bright
  • Maximize natural light
  • Think about photos

2- Regarder ce qui est disponible autour de nous

Nous avons toujours garder en tête de faire de ce ”Home Staging”, un projet le plus responsable et économique possible.

  • Pour chaque pièce, enlever tout ce qui n’est pas utile et en faire un petit inventaire qui servira à compléter les autres pièces.
  • Ne pas hésitez à déplacer les meubles d’une pièce à l’autre.
  • Penser à emprunter des petits objets, meubles et accessoires, à notre famille, à nos amis ou à notre Designer!
  • Donnez ce qui n’a plus de valeur ou d’utilité pour vous.
  • Entreposer temporairement ailleurs, ce qui encombre ou rend les pièces trop sombres.
  • Si des achats sont requis, essayer de choisir des objets que vous souhaiterez conserver dans votre prochaine demeure.
  • Limiter le plus possible les achats qui ne seront pas réutilisés.
  • Donner, Vendre, Recycler !!!

Voici quelques images qui illustrent bien le résultat des actions que nous avons prises.

2- Look what is already available around us

During the whole process, we have always kept in mind to make this ”Home Staging”, the most responsible and economical project possible.

  • For each room, remove everything that is not useful and make a small inventory that will be used to complete the other rooms.
  • Do not hesitate to move the furniture from one room to another.
  • Think about borrowing small objects, furniture and accessories, to our family, friends or our Designer!
  • Donate what no longer has value or use to you.
  • Temporarily store elsewhere, which clutters or makes rooms too dark.
  • If you need to buy accessories or small furniture pieces, try to choose objects that you will want to keep in your next home.
  • Limit purchases that will not be reused as much as possible.
  • Give, Sell, Recycle !!!

Here are some images that illustrate the result of the actions we have taken.

Master bedroom

  • Repaint the walls (with existing neutral paint) which will also be used for the 2 other bedrooms and bathroom.
  • Buy 2 bedside tables (which will be reused)
  • Replace the dark curtains with colors similar to the walls. (Contrasting curtains tend to make the bedroom seem smaller, reducing natural light and blocking the view from the outside…)
  • Install a print of picture frame (by owners).
  • Choose photo or artwork that suits the available space (horizontal artwork above the headboard of the bed) and that will inspire visitors, customers and even the Designer!
  • Make an inventory of what you own to create inspiring and luminous decor.
  • Send the fur cushions to the living room…
  • Buy 3 cushions and reuse 2 others (from the owners)…

A Credenza

Hide multiple and disparate electrical outlets and ventilation grid under the credenza. Purchase of 2 small “ottomans” which will be used in the future house.


Bedroom 1

  • Repaint the walls (with available neutral paint).
  • Replace the dark curtains with a neutral color, matching the walls.
  • Buy 1 Print or Picture frame
  • Add a rattan chair (from the owners)
  • Add a gray lamp (was in the living room)
  • Purchase 2 cushions…

Bedroom 2

  • Repaint the walls (with existing neutral paint).
  • Purchase 1 print or picture frame
  • Replace office chair with charcoal gray patio chair (from the owners)
  • Add a lamp (from the owners)
  • Use bedspread (from owners)
  • Buy 2 cushions…

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room were renovated a few years ago and required no major interventions.

  • Remove the small frames.
  • Buy a round mirror on the wall near the table that will be reused in the future residence. (Important when installing a mirror is to look at what the mirror will reflect…)

Living room

  • Reorganize of armchair and loveseat.
  • Replace the gray lamp with a lighter lamp
  • Add neutral fur and pale blue cushions (loan from the Designer and fur cushions from the bedroom)
  • Reloce of the TV cabinet near the window.
  • Reloce of a very nice painting (from the owners) on the wall at the top of the stairs.
  • Depersonalize shelving unit.
  • No purchase necessary for this room other than the 2 ottomans under the credenza.

The kitchen was already impeccable and spotless!

  • Remove small counter top electrical appliances.
  • Add bowl with green apples and a plant on the table and voila!


It was really, the only room that needed a little more thought. Along with the master bedroom, it’s my biggest ”Coup de coeur”!

  • Replace the vanity with mirror, storage and integrated pharmacy.
  • Buy a new vanity with sink and faucet.
  • Purchase of a new wall light.
  • Replace floor tile and around tub. No plumbing work required. Toilet and bath kept.
  • Painting of the walls with the neutral gray used for the bedrooms.
  • Print or picture frame (from the owners)
  • Towel rack and gray towels (from the owners)
  • The wood armoire was already in the room.
  • Buy round mirror. We really like round mirrors!!!

A large part of the budget was devoted to the bathroom, but overall, the work was kept to a minimum, for a very convincing result!


You may recognize these photos, I shared with you last summer. When we talk about planning, here is a very good example. At the agent’s recommendation, the summer photos were taken in advance, knowing that the sale was scheduled for the winter. Here again, the base was more than excellent. It only took a few small touches…

  • Setting up the table with dinner plate, placemats, table runners and the Designer’s personal items.
  • Add 2 small armchairs (from the owners) to clearly show the space available.
  • Buy the Designer’s 2 cushions which could no longer be separated from the armchairs…
  • Glass table (taken in the living room) for the picture!
  • An Orchid (from the owners)
  • No purchase…
  • Only the time of the Designer!

What a great project and what a great team, Jean-Marc, Johanne, Danielle Desjardins, Royal Lepage, Haus Valet and myself!

I have to say that there were several cushions purchased (about ten… I admit, I have a weakness for cushions). To me they bring color and they are like plants you don’t have to water! But above all, there was a lot of laughter, pleasure and pride!

This home staging was never to hide or conceal, but simply to highlight and bring out the best!

It was a ”Home Staging” project, but they are many interventions or projects that you can put into practice in your home, today, now! Declutter, bring light, make space to a happier home.

Thank you Johanne & Jean-Marcfor their trust and friendship !

Have a great weekend and have fun with your projects!