A Colorful Rainbow… Sico 4000

Rainbows always comes after the storm… when the sun comes out on the horizon. It is a strong and powerful symbol. Last week, seeing them appear in the windows, all over the neighborhood, it became obvious I would have to create my own RAINBOW!

I used my old paint samples from a SICO collection 4000, which only designers my age… will remember. So here’s how, on a quiet Confinement’s evening, I took on my Rainbow Project.

Step 1: How many colors does a rainbow have?

So I found myself a model and went back to the principles of optical physics. A good opportunity to learn or remember what we have somehow… forgotten! (Thanks to my Engineer of a husband and Wikipedia!) Infrared are electromagnetic radiations whose waves are higher than the visible spectrum. Ultraviolet are waves below the visible spectrum (Black light). UV can only be observed by fluorescence.

I looked for 7 colors… which had to go well together and would have samples for a gradation of 8 shades.

4072… to Pink Cloud

4079… from Vermilion Orange to Pink Mimosa

4105… from Olive Yellow to Moon Rays

4006… from Humming Bird to Pastel Lime

4026… from Underground Lake to Opaline Green

4036… from Batik Blue to Snow Immortals

4051… from Cccult Violet to Daisy

Step 2: Cutting & Scientific Calculations 😉

How many strips? What size? Rectangles? Angled or not? Those were the questsions…

7 colors, 8 shades and 6 one-inch pieces. It was quite the time consuming project, but if there was something we had… It was time, a lot of time!

An envelope for each color, containing 8 numbered shades…

Step 3: Glue, Glue and when I couldn’t take it anymore… Glue some more…

To go faster I used masking tape (painter’s tape). I first started with a slight curve to make sure I was going to be able to see all the colored strips. A few attempts, mistakes, a nervous breakdown and I finally found the right angle. A great way to exercise patience!

336 strips … Cut and Glued

Step 4: We install!

Last Saturday, it was finally time to install. After a few round trips from outside back to the living room, my rainbow had found its place.

A few small adjustments and Voila… It’s done!

In a few minutes my rainbow managed to attract the attention of a woman who was passing by… There are things that just happen at the right time. When she saw me, she got out of her car and came to tell that she had once lived in our house, that her parents Réjeanne and Don, had been very happy in the house, we love so much. As required, we stayed more than 10 feet apart and sadly, she couldn’t come inside due to Confinement and Covid restrictions. Our neighbors, returning from their daily walk, were also able to share their memories of the previous neighbors. I like to think my Rainbow brought us this wonderful moment and story to remember.

And you, how do you see your rainbow? Why don’t you to take out the scraps of wool, the magazines, the electric wires… or whatever… and Just tell your story!

Go for it !!!

Crédit Photo : Sol Photographe/ Arc-en-ciel : Aime Imagine Design

To come

Decorations ideas and crafts to occupy our quarantine and get us out of your isolation…