Our Patio… for Easter 2020!

For the past few weeks, like many of you, I have worked hard to erase the last traces of winter. Out the Christmas trees! Nothing was spared to get there, hot water and repeated ice breaking. It was Wednesday, just before the Full Pink Moon that I got there! Well… okay, it’s still a bit cold and at the time of writing these few words, it’s snowing again! I have to store the cushions on rainy days, but everything is there, ready to enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine. My next Zoom meetings will definitely be from our little oasis. In the meantime, through the window, it is sunny in our life.

For the occasion, I though I could give you a peek of my new hydroponics project; that of growing a stalk of celery from leftover celery. I had seen that on the internet… well, it’s true, it grows! To know when I will be able to cut myself a branch, who knows, but in the meantime it’s pretty and fun!

You may recognize my black Winter planters, recycled in to a Spring version. Those who follow me, will also notice my Lanterns. The white lanterns are from Boutique Kiffé, and arrived last year in a beautiful wedding gift basket from the Kiffé team 🙂 For the occasion, I also brought the rabbits out for some fresh air, on our Easter table.

… Not to forget Chris Moose dressed up as the Easter Bunny : )

The magnificent Pink Full Moon (rather golden, but still splendid) was there for the first Cocktail Hour, a little chilly but so awaited.

Happy Easter to all of you !

Stay Home and Celebrate Life xxx