A House for Cats… to get away from their humans… in Confinement Times!

I have to say that I made this DIY project a while ago, but I thought it would be a great idea to keep the whole family busy for an afternoon. It costs close to nothing… depending on the finishing materials you will chose to give to your four-legged friend’s new home.

The house is about 4 years old, has already been moved once, and held up very well. The idea came after we received an over packaged, mattress topper. Zoé, our 9 years old cat, has always loved hiding into boxes. It only took one hole to be completed, for her to jump in, happily eager to settle in : )

Step 1 : Find boxes.

It should be quite easy to find a box, in these times of forced deliveries. Could be done with only one box, we had two. We cut out an opening between the first and second floor and made sure there was enough space on the second floor, for Zoé sit there and enjoy the view.

Step 2: Cutting rounds, squares or rectangles…

Round, square or any shape you want to use. Think about cutting them big enough to also serve as doors. You can be sure the cat won’t see the difference. Zoé, a specialist in high jumps, was not scared by a second floor window! Consider cutting an opening connected to a flexible tunnel for the cats (pink in the photo). It is then time to choose the style, chic chalet, contemporary condo, Victorian house… Anything to please the cats and their humans. Have fun with cardboard and make sure to leave the Exacto Knife cutting, to the adults.

If you lack inspiration, you can use coloring books and you will find a lot of ideas, for shapes and forms, on the web. You can print them to the desire size.

Step 3: Exterior materials

I chose a wood finish self-adhesive vinyl to fit into Zoe’s adoptive dad’s condo! Use your imagination and what you have at home…paint, construction paper, magazines…

Step 4: Closing date

I must say that neither the shutters nor the flower box resisted Zoé’s repeated attacks: ) but it’s no big deal, with a look like that, she got away with it! For cats who love boxes and Humans who love cats.

Don’t forget to share your creations with me and above all…

Have lots of fun!