A Kitchen Eco & Friendly Design Project – 1985-2020

Do you wonder what Eco & Friendly Design Project is? You might think that being Eco-Responsible is a bit like the flavor of the month. As much as you want to save the Planet, you are not too much into furniture made of wooden pallets, that’s ok. But there are many options you could consider.

I have always had, without thinking too much about it, the reflex of starting a Design project by looking at what my clients had, what was available and above all what had importance and value for them, whether sentimental or economic. I certainly have an eye for what deserves consideration and what hasn’t received enough love. For me, it has become a way of going through time; therefore not a new trend, but certainly an added value.

I wanted to present my Johanne’s Kitchen, first my client who became my friend. Her kitchen has stood the test of time. 35 years later, it perfectly demonstrates that it is not necessary to throw everything away and start over, that sometimes the best decision will be to build on what we have.

I have to admit that I only started to work with Johanne on her kitchen, around the year 2000. All the credit certainly goes to her, for recognizing the value of what she had. By renovating carefully with quality materials over the years, she has been able to optimize and make the most of her kitchen.


In the mid-1980s, despite the rather dark color of the dark oak cabinets and floor, the kitchen was already filled with light. The boy (who is now 35) is having fun with his toolbox 🙂


In the 90s, the cabinets were painted white and a small island was added in the center of the space.


10 years later… At the beginning of the 2000s, I came upon the project… If I remember correctly, we chose a richer and more luminous coloring to make the space warmer. Stainless steel appliances had replaced the white appliances. Only the drawer handles are replaced. It was also at this time that the cork floor covering was installed.

  • Walls :  Taste of Maple – SICO 6119-21
  • Cabinets :  Maple Liquor – SICO 6119-53


In 2012, we added the peninsula island which serves as a lunch counter and a preparation surface. As of today, it is certainly the improvement that has had the greatest impact in the daily use of space. The hood, which was covered with a box made of painted plywood panels, is replaced by a stainless steel hood and a simplified frame. The counter top is also replaced by a granite type laminate. Cabinets are repainted the same color. The white fan is replaced by a stainless steel ceiling light while the small suspension above the peninsula is replaced by a traditional style pendant light.


A few years later, the walls and cabinets are repainted in a lighter, more neutral color. A marble mosaic back splash now completes the kitchen beautifully!

  • Ceilings :  Cloud White B.MOORE CC-40 – Ultra Matte
  • Walls :  Shaker Beige B.MOORE HC-45 –  Eggshell
  • Cabinets :  White Down B.MOORE CC-50  – Pearl Finish
  • Mouldings & Trims :  Cloud White B.MOORE CC-40  Pearl Finish

This is Responsible Design. Long before Recycling, the best practice will always be to Keep and Reuse whenever possible.

It really is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job. I do not want to affix my signature, but the signature of my clients, on their living space. I hope to be there to support my clients in their projects, encourage their good ideas and add mine. That’s the success of a project for me.

In these times of Quarantine, Social distancing, it’s time to pause and look around. Maybe you’re not that far from your dream kitchen…

Next week, I will present to you, a project carried out entirely remotely…

Stay Home! Let’s Protect each other !

See you soon