SeaSky cottages – Nova Scotia… A Canadian Piece of Paradise

Photo Credit: Stewart Applegath/ Picture taken by owner the night we arrived… / SeaSky 23.06.2019

A year ago, we got married on a beautiful day of June. We had been wanting to visit the Maritime Provinces, but there was never enough time. Interestingly enough, it was also because we didn’t want to take away our Summer time on our boat, that we choose to spend our honeymoon in Nova Scotia.

I’ve been wanting to share this wonderful time for several months and yet again… there was never enough time. So I thought I would share a piece of heaven, hanging on a Cape Breton’s Cliff… on the edge of the ocean.

Today, Nova Scotia is waking up from an unimaginable nightmare. Impossible to understand in a place where life seems easier… happier . Our heart goes out to all Nova Scotians.

I thought I should share some of the precious moments of our unforgettable stay. I don’t know when we will be able to return, but it’s bringing me joy to revisit these wonderful memories and offer you a window on our immense and beautiful country.

Our Quebec is full of wonderful places and I hope everyone will want to go and discover them, when life gets back to normal…

Think of our amazing country when you plan your next adventure. Canada has so many magnificent landscapes and welcoming people, just waiting for you!

Here’s a few pictures of our stay at the SeaSky Cottages. Go see there website, one visit will blow your mind! Watch the videos! The link below will also take you to the Instagram page and contact details to reach Stewart.

SeaSky cottages

The following pictures are mine…

For the victims, for their family and their loved ones,

For Stewart, for Bell and for all Nova Scotians…

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