Remote Design Projects – Thinking Differently


From Day One of my new adventure, these 3 words seemed obvious and have guided me and my choices since then. They express what I want to accomplish and are in a way, my Mission – Vision – Values. What really matters to me is to make my clients dream of what could be, to help them feel they are home, to share my creativity and to have a lots of fun doing it. So here is what I suggest:

  • Accompany my clients, understand, analyze and meet their needs.
  • See, think and do differently by taking the time to plan and make the right choices.
  • Highlight, reuse, throw away less, consume better.
  • Promote local artists and craftsmen.
  • Buy Local and Eco friendly

The last few months have forced us to spend a lot of time at home. Working from home, family needs that have changed, are just some of the reasons that lead us to want to improve our living space. This imposed downtime also allowed us to reflect on our needs, our priorities and to reinvent the way we want to work and live.

Every obstacle turns out to be an opportunity…

For several years and long before the start of this Pandemic, a large part of my work was carried out with the support of technology; by phone and e-mails. These last months have allowed me to develop and experiment with remote, direct, effective support; which will save time, money and a lot of hassle.

To illustrate how a few changes are sometimes enough to breathe new life into a space, I wanted to present to you a project carried out entirely remotely, with two enthusiastic and passionate clients, who trusted me and agreed to try this new way of doing things.

It all started with a coffee table. A good purchase made by the customers themselves, but which had the effect of rushing the rest of the project. Their desire, was to rejuvenate and lighten their living room in a spirit of continuity, with an unconventional mix between the old and the new.

The project… Step by step

  • An email that arrives in my inbox with photos by customers to put the needs and the space in context.
  • A video conversation that allows me to discuss and learn about the elements to consider.
  • A virtual tour of the house, in real time, allows me to see how they have personalized their house, what is important to them and how they occupy these different spaces.
  • First verbal recommendations, live and always linked to their need to lighten and rejuvenate their living room.
    • Remove loveseat and use existing furniture to revise furniture layout
    • Remove window dividers (tiles)
    • Move a pedestal light fixture to the left of the window
    • Establish terms of reference that will be to make the recommendations purchase of a sofa and 2 occasional armchairs.
  • Carry out the research work from my office and present by email 4-5 ”virtual shopping” proposals corresponding to the criteria set out by the clients.
  • Choices : Of these proposals, the customers choose two and make the visits themselves in the two furniture stores.
  • Follow up durting the shopping:
    • By text messages, photos and phone call during store visits.
    • A confirmed favorite for the Noci Sofa and the Moro armchairs by Mariette Clermont.
  • Post-delivery service: Together, through a video conversation, we make some adjustments and I take this moment to ensure that all needs have been met.
  • Feedback on the experience and a few words from my clients… ”It looks like us! It saved us a lot of shopping and wasted time…






No more waiting, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your involvement and a bit of your time
  • A measuring Tape
  • A phone, Computer or Ipad
  • And a need you want to answer!

Thank you to two customers who lent themselves so kindly to this experiment… and who decided to do differently!

Little Fall ”Update”, sent by two customers who are very happy with the changes! At the time of writing this article, I have still not visited them. We will have to wait a little longer…