The Best Gift & Most Precious Pictures…Our Digital Picture Frame

Warning !!! This article could create a unexpected need…

For Christmas, this year, my Barry had the great idea to offered me a beautiful Digital frame. Who hasn’t seen or maybe even given one of these frames as a gift? How many are still in their boxes? I had talked about it a few months ago, looked at what was available online and forgot about it.

What a nice surprise, on Christmas morning, when I opened the first package of a serie of several parts. A custom made and improved version of a beautiful idea.

I am completely fascinated by the result. So proud to managed to find the perfect gift! He wanted to give me the opportunity to showcase the photos, I accumulate at the speed of light but tend to stay on the Phone or on the Cloud.

I thought I’d share this great find, that you’ll probably want to get. The installation is not yet completed, but the pleasure is already well established.

Here is what you will need:

  • A Monitor +- 24″
  • Flicker Free Background
  • Blue light filter
  • Frameless screen
  • 178 degree viewing angle (allows you to see the full image when not directly in front of it)
  • Mounting plate (Monitor must have fixings for wall mounting)
  • Basic Chrome Cast System
  • Google Photos
  • Google Home App

I am not the technology specialist in our household. If this is your case, I recommend that you find one. It’s not super complicated, but I still have to admit that without my Husband, whose technology has no secrets, my project would still be… a project! Surely there are other technologies available. This is the one we (Barry) chose!

A few tips to get there…

You create one or more albums in which you copy your chosen photos from your phone, camera or cloud backup. Although it’s possible to do this with the smart phone, I found it much easier to create the albums from my desktop computer. As the screen is horizontal, you will need to edit your photos so that they completely fill the screen. In my case, I cropped all the pics with the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you don’t, the photo will only take up part of the screen and you will lose the Picture Frame effect.

What remains to be done…

Fix the multiple holes that suddenly appeared…Decide if we run the wires behind the wall or if we find a small tube that will disappear with the wall color. I think if we are going to add a frame around the monitor…The mouldings on the walls already give the impression of a frame. I’ll do some tests, but there’s no rush… What do you think? Add more photos… Without exceeding the new Google limit!

Zoé was immediately attracted by the new display and particularly by the available space :). The Fish is a Creation in Drift wood, Stone and Shells, that arrived safe and sound… a few days before our wedding. A magnificent Creation by our friends Lise & Paul from Sainte-Anne des Monts. Thank you to you 2!

During the Day or at Nights, the images are very clear, the colors are very rich and the Obsessive Compulsive Designer is… very happy!!!

The painting is a creation inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies by my friend Patrice Lacoste.

You can make Family, Holiday, Nature albums and decide whether or not to have them visible. To tell you how I love my gift… You probably got that! A wonderful way to immerse yourself in your most beautiful memories and to keep them alive!

Who wants one… Me Me Me… I now want another one… For my Office…

Big Thank You, to my Husband, for always supporting my creativity and for being, my biggest fan!

The wonderful Mollie

Will you be tempted…