Our Space… Our Universe

We sometimes sit in front of the TV, and with no expections, a very simple conversation touches us, inspires us and resonates. This is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, watching the first episode of LA TABLE DE KIM for 2021. For this first episode of the year, Kim Thúy welcomed her friend Karine Vanasse, the Innu poet Joséphine Bacon and Chris Bergeron who chose to become a woman at 40. Around a divinely prepared meal by Maria-José and Zoya de Frias, mother & daughter, owners of the Congolese Restaurant Le Virunga; the 4 women shared with humor, passion and emotions, what it is for them, to Be a woman in 2020.

I knew from the start, it would be interesting, that the heartlfelt and welcoming approach of would create the perfect place to learn about these women but also about life. We simply love her! She has the kindness, the resilience and that greatness of soul, that we need so much, especially now.

All that would have been enough to make me want to share this beautiful moment, spent with this luminous woman and her equally inspiring guests. Through these beautiful and discussions, a short exchange particularly touched one of my cords. In a one on one conversation with Karine Vanasse, Kim Thúy explains that every time she visits her friend’s home, she sees her in through her home, through her Artworks and everything she has choosen, to surround herself with.

Chacun de tes espaces sont vraiment ton espace. Tu entres et tu sais que c’est ça… C’est ton univers…

Kim Thúy

What’s your style ?

This is a question, I am often asked. My answer is essentially always the same. My style will be to reveal your style! Design has been a passion for as long I can remember. I could say that I have a very eclectic style that continues to evolve and to transforme. But when I work with clients, the project exist only for my clients. What satisfy me the most is certainly when a client says to me: This is me… This is us… This is exactly what we wanted… Even better, if I manage to highlight what they already have and if I can help them make their light shine.

I’m proud when I look at the projects I have worked on. Yet today, I want to create more than a decor. I want to offer my clients and readers, a unique experience, a toolbox that doesn’t fit in a label, a style or a trend. I want to help my clients be happier in their home!

It requires knowing who we are, knowing where we are and wanting to put the time into it.

This is what Kim Thúy talked about with Karine Vanasse, explaining to her that when she enters her home, she recognizes her friend through her space. Whether or not she moves, her space is and will always be her; wherever and whenever!

This is what I offer with the AIME IMAGINE DESIGN experience. Whether it is for a short trip (small project) or for a long adventure (bigger project). It’s all up to you!

To illustrate this, I thought I would show how my “Spaces” transformed over three decades, my 30s, 40s and 50s. From my modest apartment by the Saint-Lawrence, through the little condo that changed the course of my life, to our beautiful house we love so much.

Looking around, I find objects that we love, inspiring colors and imperfect furniture, that all tell a beautiful story… Our story.

My Universe… has become Our Universe… which I have the pleasure of sharing with our 2 cats and the man I love.

Three Decades

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What about You… How do You express yourself through Your Space