MOBILES – A Creative Workshop

I have always been fascinated by mobiles. As a child, I built and created mobiles using straws, rope and construction paper. I don’t have any photos and my memories are a little fuzzy, but I know they are there, in the box of my most beautiful souvenirs.

Alexander Calder

Twenty years ago, in Chicago, I got to experience my first encounter with the amazing Calder’s Mobiles. Most definitely, one of my greatest artistic experiences. Engineer, Artist, Sculptor or Circus Master, he played with materials and movement with the heart of a child and the ingenuity of the inventor.

ALEXANDER CALDER Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 2018-2019

WORKS OF CALDER – 1950 (Click on the image pour watch the video)

When everything goes right a mobile is a piece of poetry that dances with the joy of life and surprise !

Alexander Calder

Andy Goldsworthy

I don’t remember when or how I first discovered the works of this remarkable Land Art Artist. He is a sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. His sculptures of ice, pebbles or leaves are ephemeral, overwhelming in their fragility and soothing in their quiet beauty. He accumulates and assembles found materials in a unique and almost supernatural way. I hope you get to know this artist who will make you want to go and search, for the natural treasures that will inspire your creativity. A wonderful film that you must find… and watch!

Pierre Klein – ROUILLE et BOIS

In September 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic, I met Pierre Klein and his Biodegraded Creations. I was first struck by the simple and refined beauty of his works. They evoke, at first glance, the ephemeral works of Goldsworthy and the animated mobiles of Calder. I invite you to read my Blog article (by clicking on the box below) to relive with me, one of the most inspiring moment of this year like no other…

INSTAGRAM @rouilleetbois

A Mobile Workshop

From the very first moment, I met Pierre Klein, I remember thinking how great it would be to share a creative workshop. It was during an Weekend Open Garden that I got to know him.

The next day, I went back to share my new artistic Coup de coeur with my husband. To my greatest surprise, as if he had been able to read my mind, Pierre offered me to come back for a Mobile Creation Workshop! I think I said yes, before he could finish his sentence!!! A moment of pure pleasure.

A few weeks passed, the leaves were gone, the cold was settling in, and we went in Lockdown once again. Almost 3 seasons went by, before we could finally plan this long-awaited workshop.

On a beautiful summer day, M-Day finally came. With bins and bags full of drift woods, rocks, a light heart and a bit of nervousness, I got there with my tools and drill. With a little creative anxiety, but a lot of happy thoughts, I spent a little over three hours with a generous artist, full of good ideas, knowledge and kindness.

That day was such an important gift. That of an artist of great sensitivity, sharing his creativity, who inspired me to create this first Mobile!

Thanks to Pierre Klein, for this gift that I will always carry with me

with the most beautiful mobiles of Calder, the ephemeral creations of Goldsworthy

and all the others who have, one day, inspired me…

I am now on the hunt for new treasures…

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