Red Fox

An Unexpected Encounter – The Summer Red Fox

Last time I saw you, it was April. Three months and so many times, I drove on this same road, searching for you in the fields, out of the corner of my eye. And then, last Friday, our paths finally crossed again. That evening, in the middle of that freshly cut field, your red fur seemed to be on fire.

Car still running. Not quite of the road. Just enough time to grab my camera. I sat there for quite a while, watching you jump, dive and chase your prey. I could have sworn, you were simply having fun into the sunset.

Suddenly, something in the distance caught your attention. In one hand, my phone. In the other, my camera and my glasses. I looked up and saw it too… A second fox. Double Joy.

I first worried for you. But seeing you there, hanging out with your fox friend, quickly… doubled my pleasure!

Renard Roux
Red Fox
Playing… Hunting… Playing…
And then suddenly …
Love is in the Air …

See you two soon !