Lobster Roll Rose Bay Bistro

The Best Lobster Roll & Souvenirs of Lunenburg – Coups de coeur Nova-Scotia 2022 – Part 6

For the 6th and last part of my Nova Scotia Coups de coeur, I present you… our Gourmet Coups de coeur + some chosen and unsual Lunenburg Souvenirs.

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Artistic & Maritime Nova Scotia Coups de coeur 2021 + Lunenburg A week in Paradise


Winner for Best Lobster Roll – Rose Bay General Store & Bistro


An AMAZING gourmet find
Tomato and peanut soup (Africa)
An unusual pairing… Simply Divine!

Halifax – Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery and Café – Hydrostone District

Summer Cake
Julien's Bakery 
Hydrostone District
The Best Summer Cake… Ever !!!

BEST Brisket Sandwich – SMOKE PITT BBQ – Lunenburg

Brisket Sandwich - Smoke Pit BBQ
Brisket Sandwich – Smoke Pit BBQ


The Barn – Mahone Bay

We totally fell for these Gluten Friendly – Cinnamon Buns Yummmy!!!

And here are some pictures from their Instagram page… to whet your appetite!!!

Vanilla rolled cake, butter cream, passion fruit & strawberry jams, Lemon Linzer cookies and Strawberry flakies, lime and vanilla cream… Luckily we live a bit too far away… : )

Coffee No.9 – Lunenburg

For their delicious pastries, their INCREDIBLE Walnut Brownies and AMAZING Hot Chocolate (Dark); that we devoured too quickly… to have time to take a picture!!!

For the space, the decor, the works of art…

… and the MAGNIFICENT floral bouquets of Tulip Wood – A Delight for the eyes!!!

Tulip Wood – Svenja Dee – Horticulturalist & Flower Farmer – Instagram

A FEW SNAPSHOTS… of Lunenburg

The Spectacular and legendary BLUENOSE II

The Ship & Boat Chandlery

Snails & Fire Ants… Big Fire Ants!!!

The Dory Shop

Lunenburg Views… between two walls…

Lunenburg Clam Street Sign