Frida Kahlo – The Life of an Icon – Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal… Until October 2nd!

A few days ago, I traveled into the Universe of Frida Kahlo, where colors and darkness coexist strangely, but beautifully. A broken woman, filled with passions and love for life.

The exhibit, which presents an immersive biography of her life (her works are not presented), will be held at the Arsenal Contemporary Art in Montreal until October 2, 2022!

I wanted to share some pictures with you…

A life of contrasts… in black and colors!

The altar of her life…

Immersion Kahlo

Cafe La Rosita!

Don’t miss a stop for coloring and crayons, at Cafe La Rosita!

Her life… in 360 degrees


Photomaton AI… reinvented!

An extraordinary artistic experience… of life, sufferings and passions…