The BIG & GRAND Clean Up!!! Spices and other things…

One day, you want to store a can of coffee in the pantry…and you decide to look at what’s on the top shelf, which brings you to the bottom shelf… That’s when you decide to clean the whole pantry.

From one shelf to another… From one drawer to another… Two hours later you take everything out… and you even find your beloved glass pears, which you had stored so well when the painting works began … almost 3 months ago!

For three months, I’ve been talking about beaches, about my dad, about tomato & mango salsa and even about Chipmunk. I didn’t talk about the big cleaning, sorting and getting rid of stuff… that’s been going on, in our house, since the beginning of the summer, I have become my own client. I repair, I clean, I edit, I reuse and procrastinate too… but, I diverge…

Let’s go back to the pantry!

Yes… Like everyone else, we cleaned it from top to bottom during the first months of the Pandemic, but forced to admit that a few items have gone under the radar, since I found that some things had expired 3 years ago! That’s what happens when you buy too much, you provision, you accumulate. So, that morning, I took everything out on the island… and a few hours later… here’s what came back! But make no mistake Pantry, I’ll be revisiting you… in a few months.

Et voilà! An Airy Pantry!

In the next few weeks, I will share some of the projects of our BIG BIG HOUSEHOLD CLEAN UP!!! I tackle the Mental Load and Overload (when it gets even worse)

A piece of advice… that I don’t always follow…

One thing at a time! One room at a time! In some cases… one drawer at a time!

In the next few weeks, I will talk about Painting, Colors, Furniture, reusing what you have and several small projects that may inspire you to do the same. I will show you different examples of what I do best, great choices, but also the not so good ones… which often end up taking a nice and unexpected turn!

If you feel like talking about a project that has been on your mind, I will be happy to discuss it and who knows… to help you achieve it!

À bientôt !

Ah yes!!! I forgot… Anyone have any recipe ideas for Za’atar and Sumac?