Life will go on… Bye Dad…I love you!

I started to write these words… You were still with us.

These words that have been running through my head, for several months now.

If I share them today, it is because you are finally liberated from this disease, which slowly and so painfully robbed you of the last years of your life.

Over the past four years, we’ve been trough, moments as wonderful… as excruciatingly difficult and yet… today… Life goes on!

Those words you repeated, when Mom was still with us and right after her passing, 26 years ago. Today, I choose to forget your broken body, which slowly and painfully abandoned you.

I choose to remember the best times, your grandest qualities and our fondest memories.

I choose to remember that you taught me your Passion for DIY, Craftmanship and Creativity.

I choose to remember those unforgettable summers on our boat, your Beauceron II.

I choose to remember how you were present and devoted with Mom, in the last months of her life.

I choose to remember that you have always been there for me, that you have helped me as much as you could, without ever judging me.

I choose to remember your legendary patience when I took your tools and always forgot to put them back, where you were carefully keeping them.

I choose to remember how you loved and were so proud of your three children and two grandchildren.

I choose to remember the happiness in your eyes, when you came sailing with us, on Micro Cat.

I choose to remember how you beamed with Joy on my wedding day to Barry.

I choose to remember your pride when you rose from your wheelchair to greet our guests.

I choose to remember how you loved my Barry and how he loved you back.

I choose to remember our last trip to your Beauce, that you loved so much.

I choose to remember when I took you for a drive, to show you the Construction of the New Champlain Bridge.

I choose to remember that last time I took you in my car, for a Bridges’ Tour. First on the New Champlain Bridge, then heading towards your Pont de La Concorde of which you were so proud, passing by Île Sainte-Hélène and the memories of Expos 67, Buckminster Fuller’s Dome and the Pont Jacques Cartier.

I choose to remember how, during the first year of the Pandemic, you were resilient and understood perhaps better than all of us, all these measures that took hold.

I choose to remember my visits on the phone, through your bedroom window… with my rainbow umbrella… and red rain boots, just to make you smile.

I choose to believe that you understood why, for a long time, I chose to stop visiting you during the Pandemic.

I choose to remember, that you never blamed me for it.

I choose to remember the maple syrup puddings that I cooked for you…

I choose to remember all the songs we listened to, together… when there were no more words.

I choose to always remember this song RAME RAME… that I will treasure in my heart… Like everything you gave me… Like everything we shared.

I choose to never forget… that being blessed with the best Mom, I was privileged to have You as my Dad.

A brilliant, good, honest, respectful and such loving man!

I choose to write these words…before it was too hard to say them to you… one more time…

Today, you are reunited with Mom, your Mother, your Father and all those you have loved so much.

I will always be your Baby, your Mylou

Bye Dad… I love you