Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 4 – A Wreath, Seashells & Salty Memories!

I have kept boxes, full of collected shells, for over a decade. A few days ago, I found these carefully stacked scallops, in a corner of my studio, which I believe are from a beach of Cape Cod.

Memories of a past life, of which I have kept, only the best!

Sea Shells

For this project, I used… Driftwood from Gaspésie (collected by Lise & Paul), Seashells (from Cape Cod), Manila rope, Pine Cones (from St-Bruno), Metal wire and Hot glue.

I hope to inspire you, to create your own wreath and decorated it, with your most beautiful and dearest memories…

And now that the winds & rain have calmed down, the Sun is out… So is my first Foraged Wreath!

Natural wreath. Colors of the sea. Salty memories.

Et voilà !

Foraged Wreath
Shells, Driftwood & Pine Cones
Foraged Wreath
Shells, Driftwood & Pine Cones
Foraged Wreath

Tomorrow, I invite you to take a peek at my first Vine Wreaths