Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 5 – Vine Wreaths… Invasive Beauty!

During our Fall clean-up work, my Friend, Artist & Gardener, Patrice, surprised me by pulling out the vines that had spread on our front lawn. He has known me for a long time and knew that I would like to do something with this foraged treasure! Several weeks have passed and the time had come to undertake the small project. The vine bundles had been carefully tied and were a bit difficult to untangle. I now know, to make the wreaths, with freshly harvested vine.

With a little patience and pink cheeks flushed from the fresh air, I managed to pull off… two pretty wreaths!

Magical Door
Reclaimed Lobster Trap Wood
& Sand Dollar
The same vine that produce the beautiful colors… around my Magical Door!
Vine Wreaths Making

Et voilà !

Vine Wreaths Making
Vine Wreaths

Come back tomorrow to see the decorated wreaths!

A few clues… pine cones, pebbles, driftwood and maybe some more seashells…