2023… How I See You…

We are in Ayer’s Cliff for a short Christmas Getaway. It’s December 29th. I just woke up. We slept with the curtains wide open. It’s 7:20 a.m. The sky, the lake, the snow, everything is pink. Just before going to the bathroom, and I really must go… I get my phone to immortalize this strange and so beautiful landscape, which is about to disappear. I just don’t know it yet.

I come out of the bathroom. It’s 7:25. The all-pink gradient has been replaced by a variation of blues. 5 minutes and I would have missed, this unexpected and surprising display. 5 minutes…

Life with a view…

We had decided to be reasonable and book a room with a garden view. I had convinced myself that we wouldn’t be in the room during the day, that the lake would be frozen, and that when night came, it would have been to dark to see anything. Thanks to Jacob (for the free upgrade!) and me for asking if there would be a better room, we ended up in this Beautiful Room with a View… of the lake, which was not frozen… and which was going to offer us the most inspiring vista. A landscape like something between the moon and paradise.

5 minutes…

Since those 5 minutes, I have been thinking about all the 5 minutes, life brings us. The 5 minutes we have with those we love, before they leave us. The ones, when we laugh for no reason. The Life Changing ones. The ones we didn’t see coming… and going. The ones that take us by surprise. The ones we plan. The ones we take to simply breathe. The ones that take our breath away. The ones we will remember. The ones we spend day dreaming. And all the ones we will never regret.

That’s how I want to see this year, which promises to be full of changes…

A life with a view… where every 5 minutes count!

Lac Massawipi
Ripple Cove 
Ayer's Cliff
Pink Winter Sunrise
7:20 am
Lac Massawipi
Ripple Cove 
Ayer's Cliff
Blue Winter Sunrise
7:25 am
The best use of imagination is creativity.
The worst use of imagination is anxiety.
Deepak Chopra

A little life lesson… Take the picture NOW. Go to the bathroom after.

Stay tuned, so I can tell you all about our short winter stay at Lake Massawippi…

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