Blue Sky - Snow on trees

Sunny Side Up! Blue v. Blues

I don’t know about you… but I seem to find January a bit long. And yet, looking at my photos, I realize that on January 1st… it hadn’t even started. But since, snow has been more than generous, a little too much if you ask me! Last Monday, we were told it was ”Blue Monday” or the most depressing day of the year! One thing for sure, since the beginning of January, the sun has been scarce and moral, a bit low. Whyyyyyy are winter days… so short and winter… so long!

Here’s one of my favorite and simple cure… that will only takes 15 minutes of your time and for the sun to be out. Trust me, if it’s sunny in the morning, you have to go out, right now. Wait…and the clouds will surely come, sooner than later.

We started this practice last winter and it really helped us! We are fortunate to have a terrace exposed to the morning sun and well protected from the winter winds. It’s amazing!!! Even at -10, -15… life is good on our lounging chairs. Note that the snowy ones, which are reserved for future “Lazy Snow People” making. Nothing is more comforting than winter morning sunbathing. Something we can’t do in the summer, without risking spontaneous combustion.

I though I would invite those (family & friends), who are willing to brave the cold, to come and have a coffee ”Al Fresco”. If you are interested, this offer is only available from 8am and 9.30am. After what, the sun will go quietly and plunge the terrace back, into the frigid cold.

Of course, you have to RSVP and it has to be Sunny!

And if you can… Go for a walk!

and Have a Great Sunday!

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