Polar Bears Snow Carving Snow Bears

Creative Projects 2023 – Week 4 – When it Snows too much… We make Snow Bears and a Drift Wood Snowflake!

It’s been snowing… snowing… and snowing! I do find it beautiful, very beautiful even! But I also find that there is too much… way too much! What can you do! Try to find reasons to play outside! I hope I will inspire you to try something new! A very easy project, that costs nothing and is sure to melt all your hearts.

So it starts by picking up the snow when the temperatures are relatively mild, so the snow is just sticky enough. If it is too cold, the snow will be too dry and will not form a block. It could be possible to add water to the snow, but I haven’t tried it. Avoid ice, which would be too hard to carve, and dry snow, which would crumble too easily.

With the Siberian cold expected this week, our snow bears are at no risk of melting in the sun. Hopefully, we will be able to keep them for a long time. Place them outside… :), for obvious reasons, ideally in a protected place, so it won’t be expose to sun and snow. Most importantly, make sure they are visible from inside pr near the door you use more often, so you can see them as often as possible!

While waiting for the mercury to go down, it was time to return to my workshop and continue learning to use our new saw. I invite you to learn more about my latest creation, you will find at the end of this Blog.

Driftwood Snowflake
Wood Flake
Scroll Saw DIY Projects
Transforming driftwood into a snowflake

Step 1 – Fill the boxes with well-packed snow

Step 2 – Cut the boxes and keep part of the sides

Step 3 – Convince your mate, your children or your friends… to join you for a Snow Carving Event. Pleasure guaranteed! A beautiful moment and adorable result!

To give you an idea… It took a little over an hour to carve the bears! It was a first experience for Barry. I say his Bear is simply adorable!

Step 4 – Carve a playful cub and use pebbles for eyes and snout

Step 5 – Gather the 2 cubs… until the rest of the family comes and joins them!

Step 6 – Mama Bear and her wee Cub

Step 7 – Meet our beary adorable snowy family!

Polar Bears Snow Carving
Snow Bears

Wood Flake Project

For that project I used Driftwood plank (1×6), which ended up cracking into a few pieces…but nothing glue couldn’t fix!

Driftwood Snowflake
Scroll Saw DIY Projects

Next week… Hearts might start to appear… here and there…

In the meantime, we’re going back to our shovels!!!

Driftwood Snowflake
Scroll Saw DIY Projects