January Sunrise Canadian Winter Sunrise

I survived my January!

I just read what I wrote a year ago, at the end of January 2022… Well… It seems that things (winters…), don’t change that much! From this year January that started without any snow and ended up buried in the highest snow banks, I will remember only the best.

Here’s how I survived my January !

January 3rd 2023 
No snow in sight
Winter Sunrise
Winter Scene
Winter Scene
Armstrong Glassworks Pears
Winter Scene
Old Mill 
Saint-Bruno Park
Lobster Trap Craft
Shelving for Shells
or small treasures
Bear & Bird
Driftwood Art
Snow Bears 
Polar Bear Snow Carving
Winter Morning Sun
Polar Bears Snow Carving Snow Bears

Madame Bonhomme just had enough… and has gone South!

Lazy Snowman & his Lady
who decided to fly south
Gone to the Beach!
Driftwood Snowflake
Wood Flake

January has just left, that February made… quite the entrance!!!