Sunrise Time Lapse The Making Of

Creative Projects – Week 9 – In Search of the Elusive Time Lapse

Waking up before sunrise. Experimenting. Observing. Creating.

Winter morningsClouds dancing with the treesThe sky smiling at the sun

Winter Sunrise Time Lapee

I started taking sunrise pictures, from the first morning in our house we love so much. For several years, I’ve been telling myself that it would be perfect for making a Time Lapse. For several years… it was just another procrastinated project!

A few weeks ago, I finally realized that I had the solution in my hands… the whole time! All it took was my smart phone and a tripod!

I first thought I would make one or two… and one morning, Barry came to wake me up, with photo he had taken, just a few seconds earlier. The sky was completely on fire! That morning, I had chosen to sleep!!! In my pyjamas, I rushed outside, to set up the phone on the tripod. We manage to get the last seconds of this amazing sky. 3 seconds for this orange-pink sky, to turn to blue.

Winter Sunrise
3 seconds before… 15.02.2023 6:44

After that day, every morning I would wake up before sunrise, to relive the moment, that sadly escaped without warnings! I understand now, that for these incredible skies to occur, not only the stars have to align, but above all, the clouds need to precisely align with the sun. Every evening, I would checked the weather forecast for the next day, hoping that there would be enough clouds, but not too many, just when the sun would appear behind our hills. I ended up… waking up a little bit earlier everyday!

In the last two weeks, we have observed and learned several things, about the sun rising curve, about opposing winds at different altitude and lots of other little details, we hadn’t noticed us until then! We never managed to observe a sky, as spectacular as the February 15th one, but we got to see a lot of beautiful sunrises.

These morning artistic explorations, confirmed something I have always suspected. The clouds bring the colors into the sky and into our lives.

These are… our most beautiful February skies

Clouds are dancing in the sky … 10.02.2023 7:15…
East Winds 11.02.2023 6:22…
Colored West Winds 13.02.2023 5:53…
3 seconds and it’s gone… 15.02.2023 6:47…
Oranges and Blues Dancing… 16.02.2023 6:29…
18.02.2023 6:01 Time Lapse by Barry… while I was sleeping 🙂
Sweet Orange Reflections 21.02.2023 5:55
The Grand Finale … 22.02.2023 5:49