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A Road Trip to Wakefield – Barbara Högenauer & Terry Culbert at the Art Gallery Maclaren House – Wakefield Mill

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Wakefield, for the opening of the Barbara Högenauer and Terry Culbert Art Show.

On our way to the Art Gallery, we strolled through Wakefield, a charming village nestled on western shores of the Gatineau River. A wonderful place to go for a walk, shop for antiques, see the covered bridge or just to have a bite & drinks, while enjoying the view. That’s where I found the old bottles, I’ve been using, in my last Creative Projects. As we were a bit out of time, it was a very short first visit for us, but we will surely return soon.

Wakefield Quebec Antique Store

Don’t miss the chance to relax and experience the Wakefield Mill Hotel – Spa – Restaurant

Maclaren House
Wakefield, Quebec

We were invited to Art Exhibit Opening of Barbara Högenauer and Terry Culbert, which is presented in the Maclaren House Art Gallery at the Wakefield Mill, until June 24th, 2023. We also had the pleasure of meeting Eva, the owner of the house, gallery and the delightful boutique, myDelilah Hillside. This is where I got the most adorable little pink dress, I just couldn’t resist! Yes… to tell the truth, I also got an amazing blue suede purse… and Barry got his first Hogbert Painting!

Barbara HögenauerTerry CulbertCounty Studio

Two artists who share their lives, their passion and their studio in a charming farmhouse, in the heart of Prince Edward County. We met them, in the summer of 2020, after I asked Barbara to make a painting for Barry’s ”confined” birthday. Our Safe Harbour II, we absolutely love and enjoy everyday! An inspiring and luminous couple, that we are always looking forward to see again!

Take the time to discover Terry‘s whimsical & colorful universe with Barbara‘s elusive & profound abstract landscapes. You will also enjoy the Hogbert creations, where the two artists work on the same canvas.

Enjoy your visit!

Hogbert Paintings
Maclaren House Art Gallery
Wakefield Mill 

The exhibit ends on June 24th, 2023. Don’t miss the chance to discover their creative universe, a charming village and a place… out of this world.

Enjoy your visit!

from our personal collection !

Safe Harbour II – Barbara Högenauer

Vacation Rentals – Terry Culbert

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