Reclaim Barn Wood Old bottles and Flowers

Creative Projects No.15-16… Barn Wood, Old Bottles & Some Flowers

Today was Workshop Day! It started with a visit of my favorite Flower Shop. Le Marché aux Fleurs. I wanted to carry out my project using fresh flowers. For that, I chose Chamelaucium (Wax Flowers) and Astrantias.

Reclaim Wood Crafts

Back in my Workshop/Garage, I started cutting the wood plank with the scroll saw, to follow the shape of an arched piece of a lobster trap. Not satisfied with the precision of my cut, I started again 3 times, to finally realize that the piece of wood had become too short. After a broken blade, a lot of sanding and several adjustments attempts, I finally decided start over with a new piece of wood!

As I particularly liked the wood grain of the first piece, I decided to go with a straight cut and found a shorter bottle. I ended up working on two projects simultaneously. Experimenting, playing and creating with reclaimed materials, just made my day!

I used, wood salvaged from an old barn in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, pieces of lobster traps from Nova Scotia, old bottles found in Wakefield, Quebec and flowers from Saint-Bruno.

In a few weeks, I’ll come back with more of my conversation with André Beauchemin (to whom I owe my new source of barn wood), when I’ll tell you about the new book I am reading, BIG MAGIC – CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR by Elizabeth Gilbert. And yes, you will see that there is a link between the author of EAT PRAY LOVE and the Reclaimed Wood Artist who helped me pursue my creative journey!

Enjoy your evening and see you soon!

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