A Dream Come True… Part 2 – One Week in our New Home

The first thing I ever dreamed of, was certainly to love and be loved in return. The second… probably to live by the sea and to walk on the beach in the fall, with a big warm sweater. The third… if I think about it a little and having repeated it so often, was to have a screened-in porch!

I’ve had some dark moments in my life. Days when the clouds were so thick, I couldn’t see the sun anymore. Fortunately, I had the chance to be well surrounded and blessed with a lot of beautiful moments.

Today is different! As if I had finally arrived! You already know, in a few weeks, with my Barry (the man who changed everything), we will soon be living right next to the ocean… with the most beautiful screened-in porch.

I hope that those who will read these few lines, will understand that I need to share this happiness and immortalize it forever. It’s not about bragging, its all about embracing life. If I know one thing, it’s that we must seize these moments… and enjoy them now!

As I write these words, two months have already passed since that beautiful week of August, when we took possession, of our beautiful new home.

Day 1 – I won’t leave without my precious finds

Drift Wood, offered by my friend, Pierre Klein of Rouille et Bois

and some of his fabulous finds… which could not find a place in his container. I also packed my barn wood from (Le bois qui dormait) and my Father’s Teak.

A U-Haul, well packed and Batman the Cat, wondering… where are you going ???

The road is long, but always beautiful… when amazing clouds are filling the sky!

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Highway Motel !!!

Follow the Rainbow!

Our favorite stop – Florenceville Bristol, New Brunswick

Day 2 – Poetic morning mist…

The beautiful Smart-Flower at Salisbury’s BIG STOP!

Even road signs… will show you the way to the sea!

Two days later… we are home !!!

Day 3 – First sunrise !!!

53 IKEA boxes… and a few hours of work…

Our golden bridge… Between the Lahave Islands and our own golden veranda!

Day 4 – Even in the fog… It’s Beautiful !!!

New addition to our home… Art makes life better!

Barbara, my adorable Pink Bird by Guy Cranston and the Fish & Driftwood by Jerry Walsh, a gift from our Friend & Agent, Anita.

The night came, the stars started to fill the sky and there was my W… looking over us!

In the Cassiopeia Constellation, there is star. It is on that star and in my heart, that I can find my mum… for more than 27 years now.

Star 8 4038 789.

Day 5 – Another sunrise !

And yes… We also worked hard! Here’s a little taste of the changes we’ve made so far. Notice how the view takes all its place… just by removing the curtains!

Day 6 – Before the clouds came in…

Deers are showing up too!

Day 7 – One last look…

before returning to our house in Saint-Bruno!

If you’re wondering… No, it’s not always sunny in our beautiful dream…

I’ll see you soon… with the story of our first Hurricane !!!

#WeSurvivedHurricanLee #HurricaneWeek

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