Kingsburg & Hirtle Beach… A Seaside Paradise – Coups de coeur Nova-Scotia 2022 – Part 3

There is something unreal about it. As we begin the descent, a bend and there it is, this very real paradise, which reveals itself to us! Deserted beaches. Salty ponds. Ribbons of colorful fields, unfolding quietly, from one valley to another. Deers frolicking with happiness. Curious raccoons… Even a surprisingly surprised pheasant.

The green and floral country. The endless ocean. Beautiful houses telling the story of the maritime architecture of the past. New constructions reinventing the long and great traditions. The sun, revealing the most beautiful landscapes… and the mists that make them simply magical!

If you want to discover the greater Lunenburg area. Visit

A road with a view. Kingsburg Pond, Kingsburg Beach and… the Ocean!

Next week… I’ll stop talking about Hirtle Beach… and I will take you there!

Salty Happiness !

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