Carved by the Forces of the Ocean – The Ovens – Coups de coeur Nova-Scotia 2022 – Part 5

And as if the green valleys, the beaches larger than the eyes and the ocean losing itself in the sky were not enough; in Our Nova Scotia, there are also caves… beautiful caves, carved by the mighty forces of the waves.

On a beautiful, breezy and sunny morning as I like them, alone in this magnificent place, we walked on the paths of The Ovens.

… and as if… that wasn’t enough, for a brief moment, The Bluenose II, dropped in to say hello!

Come with us… On our magical promenade!

For a moment, the fog came in and was going to take all this…

… but decided to go back… and leave us the views and the blues !

Ovens Natural Park

Stay tuned for the last chapter of the most wonderful voyage…

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