Creative Project No.15 – Finding inspiration, old barn wood and a great conversation!

It all started in the beginning of April. André Beauchemin, Le bois qui dormait is a Reclaimed Wood Artisan, I met at the Saint-Bruno Christmas Market a few years ago. A nice man, talented, kind and filled with a rare creative energy. One beautiful spring day, he announced on Facebooke, that he had a few pieces of barn wood for sale.

As my reserve of larger pieces of driftwood was drying up, I jump at the chance to visit him and see his workshop and treasures. So on our way for a little road trip along the Richelieu River, we stopped there. We had the pleasure to get to know this gentleman whom we knew all bundled up for the Christmas Market.

Our backgrounds couldn’t be more different, but there was a instant connection. Two very different artists, artisans, makers (whatever you want to call it) with the same creative curiosity. Without really knowing much about my creative journey, he tells me to make my creations, for me and the pleasure it brings me! A few words that resonate too well with the Creative Projects, I have been undertaking, since the beginning of this year.

That day, the pieces of barn wood in question were far too large for my needs and projects. So we left with only one plank, but filled with hope and his promises to call me back when he would have had sorted out the accumulated treasure pieces!

Ferry on the Richelieu River
Old Barn Wood

A few weeks later, as he had promised me, I got the call. He had gathered a pile just for me and was inviting me to come and make my selection! Yipppi!!!

Le bois qui dormait

Here are some boards that I brought back in our truck! The creations are still simmering in my mind… but the first one is definitely coming! Come back tomorrow, to find out about this first project that will include Barn Wood, Lobster Trap Wood, an old Bottle and a flower. I will also share a few bits of the conservation I had with André, a real Poet Artisan who gives a new life to reclaim wood. Le bois qui dormait! (The Sleeping Wood)

Wood Barn Craft

Two pretty chests created by André Beauchemin : )

Come back tomorrow… for the reveal !!!

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