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Creative Projects – Week 14 – Scissors, Paper, Glue and a new King!

I still hear my parents say, that I only needed a pair of scissors, paper and glue to spend an afternoon, quietly in silence! Some things don’t change.

Saturday morning, just after the Coronation of King Charles III, I sat down at my desk to attend a Creative Workshop, presented by the London Drawing Group. This was a second experience for me. A real pleasure, I wanted to share with you.

Scissors, glue, old magazines, recycled paper… anything goes. Here’s what you’ll need for a creative, simple, relaxing and fun activity!

The workshops last about one hour and thirty minutes. You can attend live or watch the recording that will be sent following the presentation. During the session, art enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to create or simply watch the web conference.

Josh Armitage, a visual artist and great communicator, presented various techniques inspired by several masters of Collage Art. I had a real ”Coup de Coeur” for the incredible minimalist work of Anthony Zininos and the magnificent cut-out landscapes of Evelyn Eller. I challenge you not to fall, for the absolutely brilliant work of Zininos.

During the activity, the artist is using recycled paper, old magazines, the inside part of envelopes with interesting patterns… even cereal boxes. He incites us to start collecting old pictures, postcards, scraps of paper… and idea I absolutely loved.

Through the hour, the artist shares ideas, some of his creations, materials to use and more importantly… he teaches us the Secrets of Seeing !

Creations + Inspirations + Ideas by Josh Armitage

While I was listening, without knowing what I was going to do, I grabbed my scissors and started cutting… cutting… and cutting some more. It was the most natural thing to do. I used images from a beautiful Magazine I found in Nova Scotia, edible MARITIMES. Thoses images, chosen instinctively, guided the creation of my collage. No expectations, no preconceived ideas, just a moment to explore something new.

Apples, Water, Stormy Skies, an Apple Branch, a Rainbow and scraps of paper.

” When life gives you apples “

A delicious and inspiring activity!

Collage Art
with Zoe Cat

Always supervised by Zoe !

Have fun and go get your scissors !

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