Advent Calendar 2022

Advent Calendar 2022 – A Creative Experience – Retrospective

I started my first Advent Calendar in December 2020. It was our first Pandemic Christmas. For the first two editions, I chose to make other people shine, to share my Coups de coeur and to suggest activities that would bring joy, in these holiday seasons… in these troubled times.

After my dad passed away, earlier in October, I wasn’t sure I would make a Calendar this year. I was looking at the objectives I had made for 2022, to realized that everything was falling into place for the next adventure… except for one thing… and certainly one of the most important… to create more!

This is how, the idea of ​​making a Calendar of Creative Projects came to life! Looking back at the 3 calendars, I realize that without planning it, I was fulfilling the 3 objectives of my Mission, for AIME IMAGINE DESIGN.

  • Make the World a HAPPIER PLACE
  • Share People’s LIGHT
  • Create BEAUTY

Thank you for reading, encouraging and inspiring me!